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Voting facilitation

November 25, 2013

It’s been so hard for me to figure out what to write about my experience facilitating voting in the 2013 Kosovo local elections. Maybe just to say that the democratic process is a messy business. Or that international actors are prone to communication failure in a complex environment. Or that the Great Game goes on and on… I wore a helmet and flak jacket. I learned how to set up a polling station and drive in long convoys. Our ambassador, Head of the OSCE Mission to BiH, a great gentleman (and fellow Tiger!) Fletcher Burton has been writing in his diary every day for almost 10 years, and he shared his gracious and measured perspective on the days leading up to and following the election.







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  1. Julie permalink
    November 25, 2013 1:20 pm

    Wait… is your hair in a bob now? Since when?! You are SO adorable in that helmet! (I know, deep post about democracy and whatnot, and I want to talk about your looks.)

    Do people circle their choices in pen, or how does it work?

    • November 27, 2013 9:21 am

      hahah unfortunately yes. WHY DID I CUT MY HAIR!!! ahhhhh. I’m like Samson. Until it grows back I can’t push down any buildings 😛

      they had to “check” the box, which was really confusing for the older people, who were used to putting an X. so we had giant posters of what a check mark looks like!

  2. KLH permalink
    November 26, 2013 4:28 pm

    all i can say is that when you figure out what to say about facilitating this vote, it’ll make a fantastic grad school essay… 😉

    • November 27, 2013 9:22 am

      hehehe… oh goodness. (actually i can’t wait to get my MA… i just need to figure out which program!)

  3. November 27, 2013 12:45 am

    Wow! You have so many amazing experiences!

  4. November 27, 2013 1:44 am

    Even if you don’t know what to write, the pictures tell part of the story…

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