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Camera lucida obscura

March 4, 2013

Blogging has made me think a lot more about cameras. I love reading other people’s stories about their camera obsessions and inspirations. Elsie posted a new list of all her camera gear— it’s fun to compare with her earlier camera list! And I love it when people share about vintage or toy cameras… (Some time in the next year I so want to buy the Fuji Instax mini. So irresistable!)


camera shadow

My plan is buy a DLSR at some point. (Nikon or Canon? Invest in a full frame or start with a mid-level dslr? and which lenses? zoom or prime? I’m thinking.) For now I have a little point and shoot. To be honest, I am getting frustrated with it. In low light, photos are super blurry; in strong light, everything is washed out. When I turn down the exposure, everything looks grey.

But then I remind myself that the reason I bought a cheap camera in the first place, apart from saving money, was to learn more about composition and framing. When you have an amazing camera, it’s easier to get pretty good photos and it’s more tempting to skip the step that takes you somewhere more interesting. (Love this post by Ashley Ann about the importance of angles and the possibilities of point and shoot.)

self portrait

I’m thinking about taking Arrow and Apple’s photography e-course, The Study of Light.

My hugest photography inspiration these days is unseen; Catarina is a Portuguese art student– looking at her photos, chills literally run down my spine.  Like walking into a dream.

What are your photography inspirations and obsessions these days?

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  1. March 4, 2013 7:50 pm

    I want to buy a DSLR so badly – for many of the same reasons!

  2. March 4, 2013 8:31 pm

    Oh, so many good links in this post! I could spend all day looking at pretty pictures and camera gear. I’m also just getting into photography, which has been really fun to combine with the painting and writing. I went with the Canon Rebel t3i. I LOVE your pictures, and can’t wait to see what you would do with a DSLR. The last photo of you has such an amazing composition! I’ve been really into city and building shots. I’ve got a few to share soon!


  1. Metelkova | pilgrimography

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