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Walls Project: B(r)atunac

February 4, 2013

This is the silliest graffiti idea that I came up with. It doesn’t really make any sense, it’s just for fun.

I turned Bratunac into B(r)at(unac)– we used to do this in my college poetry classes all the time. I think we thought we were e e cummings.

Anyway, that leaves us with BAT! Then I took the crosshatch of the monument and turned it into… a bat. I think this is one of those things that is funny only to me, but hey, it’s a personal blog!

I think this graffiti could give Bratunac a kind of home of Batman, Gotham-city vibe.


With thanks to Fable Art Studio, which provided Photoshop help.

After all this imaginary graffiti, I wanted to share a few photos of real graffiti, from Srebrenica.

graffiti and fence

graffiti srebrenica

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