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Writing on the wall

November 15, 2012

Walls are vital public spaces. Paint some graffiti or put up a bunch of posters in the middle of the night on a Sunday, so when everyone goes to work on Monday morning the city is papered over with your messages.
Dosta Mostar

In 2009, I was a member of an activist group called the “Dosta” movement. (Dosta means “enough” in Bosnian.) Our first actions were taken to protest the fact that the city council had refused for 4 months to approve a mayor for the city of Mostar— meaning no city budget, no salaries for city employees, no public services. (In the end, Mostar was without a mayor for over a year.)

We had great fun sneaking around in the middle of the night, putting up posters. They were a hit and we anonymously¬†beamed with pride (while of course bragging to all our friends). The slogans were written in deep slang and roughly translate as: “Donkey for mayor” and “Whither the mayor?”

Dosta 23 Feb

Dosta had great slogans. The local activists all dropped out because it was more of a vehicle for a few people to earn big salaries from international donors rather than a group that was really about change.

There is still Dosta logo graffiti all over the walls of Sarajevo. The same few people from the now-defunct Dosta movement are still earning great salaries from international donors, with other projects.

Mostar is currently in the grips of a constitutional crisis– the city didn’t even have local elections with the rest of the country this October.

(Kinda makes me want to put up a few posters…)

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  1. Julie permalink
    November 18, 2012 7:35 pm

    I really enjoy thinking about and remember all the “hats” you’ve worn already… your range of enthusiasms, and your refusal to idealize anything or anyone (a vehicle for money, not change, indeed)!


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